Can I cancel the order if it's already been shipped?

No, we are not able to cancel orders that have already been shipped.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the refund?

Refunds typically take around 1-5 business days. It also depends on your bank's processing time. Refunds are not received during weekends.

I made an order but I have not received any notification?

You will receive a notification when the order is completed. If not, then your order may have not been completed successfully. Please contact us right here if there are further issues: contact@myreliefrings.com & we will sort it out for you.

Do you donate to any charities?

Yes! A portion of our proceeds goes to the National Alliance on Mental Illness to help support those struggling with mental health. We are looking to partner with and donate to more charities to expand our philanthropic endeavors. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at contact@myreliefrings.com 

I have not received my item but tracking system shows delivered what should I do?

Please check the package updates with your mail or contact courier and ask where they have left the item. Please also contact us at; contact@myreliefrings.com and we will make sure to get confirmation directly from our supplier.

Do you have a customer service phone number?

No, we do not have a contact phone number. You can shoot us an email directly: contact@myreliefrings.com and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

I ordered a ring a little while back but haven't received it yet just wondering when it may ship?

You can check your package through this link https://myreliefrings.com/apps/aftership. If you do not have a tracking number to check please contact us directly at; contact@myreliefrings.com and we will provide it for you. Tracking information is usually available 3-5 days after you order due to processing time.

Hi, I placed an order about 3 weeks ago. How long does it usually take?

Our usual delivery time frame is 10-20 working-days for US Orders & 15-25 working-days for CA, UK & AU Orders. This does not take in the processing time factor which is usually 2 days. Your package has an active tracking number for easy tracking and we’ll keep an eye on your package as well. You can always contact us directly at contact@myreliefrings.com if you do not have a tracking number. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by late delivery. Rest assured, your relief ring is well on it's way and you're going to love it!

Do you accept PayPal for payments?

Yes, we accept Paypal for payments either via your Paypal account or just using your Credit Card and having Paypal as the processor.

Where do the items ship from?

Our company is based in the USA but we ship worldwide! Our product comes from our warehouses in both the USA, Canada, & China. The quality assurance of your product is one of our highest priorities.

Can I get a replacement or refund?

We’re sorry to hear about what happened to your ring. Please provide us photos of the broken ring so that we can submit these photos for replacement. We will update you as soon as this gets approved. All products that are not satisfying for you are available for return within 30 days of receiving goods. All we ask is that you send us the photos so we can send it to our supplier and your replacement will be processed ASAP.

I would like a status update on my order, how can I get that?

All of our orders are sent with an active tracking ID and are able to be tracked on https://myreliefrings.com/apps/aftership. If you do not have your tracking number please contact us right here at contact@myreliefrings.com and we will get you the update ASAP as well as your own way of tracking the package.

Will my ring have different branding?

We have access to 6 of the most highly trusted jewelry suppliers in the world (Stuller, The Welman Group, Allurez, Ruby Imports, Jewlery Bund, and Alibaba). It is possible to receive a ring with a variant in branding on it. We source all of rings from the same factories and choose to partner with some of the highest quality brands in order to bring you the best product!

Why is it showing that it came from China?

Some of our pieces are shipped from our trusted suppliers in China. We have been working with 3 supplies for over 4 years in China & and they get our materials from a registered Sterling Silver and Steel factory. We have a strict product-quality policy which means you can rest assured your products are always of the highest quality. All of our orders are quality checked with a fine tooth comb before shipment. Your satisfaction is always our first priority.

Do the sizes fit true to size?

Yes, our sizes fit true to size. We also have a ring size guide in every product description.

Can you deliver it to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide and can deliver to your country no matter where you are located.

Can I have my money back if I don’t like the product?

We support all of our jewelry with a 30 day money back guarantee. So if anything is wrong with your product, simply tell us and send a picture or video of the issue and we will refund you or replace your item. An image of handling damage or manufacturer flaw is required for a refund.


Ring care

We recommend:

  • Not wearing near harsh chemicals
  • Remove before showering/washing hands
  • Remove before exercising 


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